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Think About Safety Outside Your Home in Upton, KY

Think About Safety Outside Your Home.

Sometimes when working outside we don’t realize the dangers that are lurking around us. Electrical power lines, outdoor outlets, generators, and extension cords are some of those things to look out for as you work outdoors. Try to keep yourself and any equipment at least 10 feet away from power lines and always check before digging or planting trees near power lines.

Outdoor Outlets

Outdoor outlets are needed around the exterior from time to time and having weather poof GFCI’s (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) installed is a must for the outdoors. They automatically cut power when water or leaky electricity happens.

Generators and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Generators can be associated with fatalities if not used correctly. Always position the generator away from the home, not in a garage or shed close to the home. Using a carbon monoxide detector in your home can help prevent a miss-hap by notifying you of high levels. Don’t forget to properly ground the generator before running it.

Extension Cords

Did you know that extension cords are meant to be used temporarily? They should not be used permanently anywhere, indoors or outdoors. If using an extension cord outdoors, make sure you are using an outdoor labeled extension cord and do not attempt to connect extension cords together to extend the length of them. Always make sure you check the amperage of the cord and the equipment that you are going to use with it and that it is approved and tested by a nationally recognized testing lab like UL, intertek, or CA.

Jones Home Center Can Help!

Let’s face it, these days we all rely on some kind of electrical components to make it through our day. We don’t think about all that goes into the wiring behind those walls, but sometimes those things go hay-wire and need some fixing. Here at Jones Home Center, we want to help you choose the right electrical products for your next project. Visit Jones Home Center in Upton, KY and talk to an associate today. If you have questions call us.